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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

These 5 Gifts are All Your Child Needs This Year

Holiday shopping can be the best (or worst) part of the season. As a new mom, I remember reading a classic advice column that solved the dilemma of what/how much to buy for my children. All you need to buy are 5 simple gifts.

The Star Tribune originally published this column on December 24, 1989. The idea is simple – children receive just 5 holiday gifts. “The gifts are not those heavily advertised and are usually not the hottest items in the toy stores. Rather, these gifts are reflections of their parents’ values and priorities” (Star Tribune, 1989):

1.       “A gift to Hug and Love” – this might be a doll or a teddy bear, something to practice taking care of, just as Mom or Dad takes care of them.

2.       “Something to Read” -  Pick out a holiday classic or a chapter book for older kids, even babies can be read to on Mom or Dad’s lap! If you are not a children’s lit expert, just ask your local librarian or bookstore for recommendations.

3.       “Toys and Games” – As a parent educator, I teach parents that play is actually child’s work. Putting together a puzzle or learning how to manage competitiveness while playing Candyland helps kids develop age appropriate skills.

4.       “Gift of Activity” – Getting the kids outside even in the dead of winter is a must for parent survival. From sleds and skates to balls and bug catchers, there are many inexpensive options to inspire having fun outdoors.

5.       “Gift of Artistic Expression” –  Encourage your budding artist, with a fresh new box of crayons or a scrapbook kit. Crafty parents can even make their own Playdough! Art projects provide a welcome solution to winter vacation boredom that parents and kids can enjoy together.

Blessings for a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season!

Source: Gardner, P. (1989). Tender Years column. Star Tribune. Minneapolis, MN.

Beverly Gillen





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