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Monday, January 11, 2016

Family Bucket List

Happy 2016!  I love the feeling of a brand new year full of possibilities.

It’s easy for days to turn into months with our time being consumed by mundane tasks that demand our attention. Tax preparation, college FAFSA applications, household chores, and community meetings are all important activities but added together can completely consume our time together as a family.

This year, we are creating a family bucket list for 2016. It’s easy to do! As a group, brainstorm a list of activities you would like to do in the coming year. Decide on one activity for each month and put it on the family calendar to claim the date as sacred family time.

  • In brainstorming mode, all suggestions are OK – the point is to generate creative ideas

  • Simple is often better – an old fashioned game night with hot chocolate can be a lot of fun on a cold winter night

  • Strive for a variety of activities and venues - outside and inside, active and quiet, creative and sporty

  • Find your inner child and try something new!

Bev Gillen





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