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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Birth Announcement: Get Connected for College

Writing a book is a lot like having a baby.  It starts with a desire to create something new.  It takes months to grow and transform. After lots of hard work, it makes a much anticipated debut.  Now as a parent and author, I’m proud to announce the birth of my first book, Get Connected for College: The Savvy Student’s Guide to College Prep!

I wrote this book as a resource for parents and students who want the inside scoop on planning for college. While sending a child off to college is the hope and dream of many parents, navigating the process can be a daunting task. To complicate matters, students today are more time crunched than ever before and without intentional effort, it’s easy to graduate without having the critical skills needed to survive dorm life.

Parents will love this handy reference that connects all the college prep pieces together. Instead of spending sleepless nights worrying that you missed an important milestone, readers of Get Connected for College can relax and enjoy the college prep journey!

Discover valuable tools including:

  • My Milestone Map with checklists for grades 6 - 12
  • Top 100 College Competencies® across 10 subject areas
  • Over 250 practical Make it Happen ideas
  • Get Connected college prep resources
  • 4C’s of Connection
  • Campus Collection tip sheets including Spotlight on Scholarships, College Scorecard, 25 Ways to Make a Difference, 25 Ways to Start Saving for College and more

The labor to write the book may be over, but just every new parent knows, the hard work has just begun. Plans are in the works for book signings and other local events.  You can pick up your copy today at or at your local bookstore. I welcome your feedback and look forward to being part of your parenting team!

Bev Gillen





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