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Are you:

Concerned about rising college costs?

Surprised at how complicated the college application process has become?

Worried that you child won't get into the college of their choice or be ready to live independently?

Struggling to find quality college prep resources?

Partners In Parenting Consulting LLC Can Help!
College coaching is all about helping your child reach his or her fullest potential. Your child's college coach provides individualized guidance and support tailored to your student's strengths and interests. We delight in encouraging teens and supporting parents along their college prep journey.

College Coaching Features

1:1 student/coach ratio

Milestone tracking to graduation

College Competency assessment and development

Inventories to identify strengths and interest

Plan for leadership development and service experiences

Student resume creation and updating

Scholarship search assistance

Objective professional dedicated to encouraging motivating your student

Resource and referral

4 two-hour meetings per year based on annual commitment

Progress summaries provided for parent reference

Convenient meeting schedule at public venue


About Beverly Gillen
As a licensed parent educator with over 25 years of global business experience, Beverly Gillen has been instrumental in creating youth mentoring programs in the Twin Cities that have helped students develop as future leaders.  Partners In Parenting Consulting LLC is recognized as a valuable resource in the Twin Cities that supports families by providing college prep guidance to ensure that students are fully prepared for post secondary success.

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